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Safety Consultation • Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) • Safety Meeting Participation • Supervisor Liability and Role • Site Safety Inspection

All Trainings Provided

Injury & Illness • Respiratory Protection • OSHA 10 Hour Construction Industry • OSHA 30 Hour Construction Industry • Ergonomics • Machine Guarding • Back Injury Prevention • Lockout Tag Out • Respiratory Protection • Fire Extinguisher Training • Hazard Communication • CPR & First Aid Training • Overhead Crane Training • Forklift Safety Training (as well as Instructor Training) • Scissor Lift Safety Training • Qualified Rigger & Signal Person Training • Heavy Equipment Training • Aerial Lift Safety Training • Confined Space Entry • Hazardous Materials Training

OSHA 10/30 Hour Training

This course provides training for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, prevention and abatement of safety and health hazards in construction industry. This program also provides information regarding workers’ rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint.

NEW Mobile Elevating Work Platform (MEWP) Training

The Mobile Elevating Work Platform training provides the operator knowledge of the new ANSI standards effective March 1, 2020. This course covers the operator training for specific types of MEWP’s and new requirements of safe practices, supervisor training on new requirements and role when in charge of employees operating MEWP’s, How to develop the required Risk Assessment & Site Plan, new requirements and training for Occupants in a MEWP and Equipment Types & Groups.

  • Meets the regulatory requirement 29 CFR 1926.453, 1910.67
  • New Standards ANSI A92.20, A92.22, A92.24

Overhead & Gantry Crane Operator Safety Training

The Overhead Crane course will provide the operator safe operating practices and inspection process when operating an Overhead Crane. Operator will understand the Major Operational Components, Operational Modes, Load Control, Operational Safety, Wire Rope and Chain Conditions and much more. At the end of the class each student must pass a written exam and practical exam demonstrating operating a Overhead Crane safely.

  • 29 CFR 1910.179(A)(35),(B)(8)
  • ASME B30.2

Qualified Rigging & Signal Person Training

The Rigging and Signal Person course will provide the workers knowledge of the industry safe operating practices when rigging and signaling on the job. Each student will understand proper rigging technics, recognizing hazards when rigging, hitch types, when to utilized different hitches, proper rigging equipment, sling angle calculations, understanding the fall zone, how to properly perform an inspection of all rigging utilized and much more. At the end of the class each student must pass a written exam and practical exam demonstrating there rigging and signal ability.

  • Meets the State, Federal OSHA, ASME Requirements
  • 29 CFR 1910.184;1926.1404;
  • 29 CFR 1926.1419(B)(8)
  • ASME B30.5 requirements

Mobile Crane Operator Safety Training

Mobile Crane Operator training is designed to provide the operator with the knowledge and skills for the different types of cranes. This course will cover Operator Requirements & Responsibilities, Use of Hand Signals and Verbal Signals, Crane Set-Up, Site Inspections, Powerline Safety, Understanding Load Charts, OSHA & ANSI/ASME Standards, Load Control, Basic Rigging standards and Inspections and much more.

  • Mobile Crane Operator Certification
  • 29 CFR 1926.1427

Mobile Crane Operator Certification Preparation & NCCCO Test

This course is specifically designed to assist the student to successfully pass the NCCCO Mobile Crane written and practical exam. This course will cover major topics such as Job Site and Crane Setup, Crane Safe Operations, How to read Load Charts, Use of Hand Signals and Verbal Signals, OSHA & ANSI/ASME Standards, Basic Rigging and much more. At the end of the class each student must pass a NCCO Written exam and NCCO Practical exam demonstrating there ability to operate safely.

Forklift Operator Safety Training

Forklift Certification for Operators provides knowledge to operator with the skills of safe operations, inspections, work place hazard recognition consistently OSHA General Safety Orders pursuant to 29 CFR 1910.178, along with any new requirements. At the end of the class each student must pass a written exam and practical exam demonstrating safe operating practices.

  • Meets the CalOSHA requirements CCR Title 8 Sec 3668
  • Federal OSHA requirements 29 CFR 1910.178
  • ANSI B56.1

Aerial Lift & Scissor Lift Training

This course is covers Safe operations when operating Aerial Lifts & Scissor Lifts. Understanding the OSHA , ANSI and Manufacturers standards and requirements.

  • Meets regulatory requirements 29 CFR 1926.453 and 1910.67
  • ANSI Standard 92.22 2018 & 92.24 2018

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