Qualified Rigging & Signal Person Training

This training provides knowledge of industry standard safe operating practices when rigging and signaling on the job. Each student will understand proper rigging techniques, hitch types, rigging equipment, sling angle calculations, and the fall zone, in addition to understanding when to utilize different hitches, how to properly perform an inspection of all rigging utilized, how to recognize hazards when rigging, and much more. At the end of the course, each student must pass a written exam and practical exam demonstrating their rigging and signal ability.

Meets guidelines for the following standards:

  • State, Federal OSHA, ASME requirements
  • 29 CFR 1910.184;1926.1404
  • 29 CFR 1926.1419(B)(8)
  • ASME B30.5 requirements

If you own an industrial or construction company, safety is always a top priority. Proper safety measures are needed to ensure your employees are able to work effectively and with added peace of mind. Keep your staff educated and certified with qualified rigging and signal person safety training services from National Safety Partners.

We offer affordable prices for our courses and are happy to travel to your location in order to help teach your employees these important safety courses. To keep your business and employees protected, read on to learn how our qualified rigging and signal person training courses can help.

What Does a Rigging and Safety Person Do?

Recent OSHA standards have indicated that all employers must use a qualified rigger for hoisting, assembling, and disassembling actions on a construction site or industrial factory. The qualified rigger and safety person is meant to keep watch while various large items are rigged for hoisting purposes. Their job is to ensure the safety of those rigging the item and the safety of the products being hoisted.

By taking the time and energy to educate your employees and certify them as qualified rigging and safety specialists, you can better protect your company and prevent injuries. Our courses are designed to give employees a hands-on approach to becoming certified to rig large items and ensure the safety of their coworkers.

Our courses are engaging, informative, and designed with the needs of your company in mind. With our certification process, you can meet OSHA standards and give your employees an additional form of certification that can allow their careers in the industry to grow even more.

Give your employees the safe work environment that they deserve with the help of our qualified rigging and signal safety person training courses. With just a quick call to our team, you can quickly schedule a training seminar with our safety specialists.

What Does National Safety Partners Offer?

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